Couple therapy...

Our emotional expectations and fears can sometimes get in the way of properly hearing each other or articulating what we need. Couple therapy can explore these fears and feelings, and improve your ability to communicate and understand each other.

I offer the opportunity for each of you to express your thoughts and feelings without judgement or blame and to stand back from the muddle so that you can see things more clearly.

There is always a good reason why difficulties occur between two people. Together we can try to understand why things are as they are and then whether another way of relating might be better.

...and the advantages of coming with a partner

Relationships can best be understood when both partners work through their problems together:

You may discover that whilst you have a good idea about why your partner does or says something it's not necessarily the complete story. Each of you will learn new things about the other and suddenly many things will start to make more sense.

You are drawn closer by the simple process of working together; you’ll take home the exercises and new ways of seeing that you learn together, so what one misses or forgets the other may hold and remember.

Sometimes the partner left behind in individual therapy can feel excluded and changes introduced can appear out of the blue and imposed.