Smoothing the way to your Special Day

Special days like weddings, birthdays, bar-mitzvahs, and anniversaries should be times of joy and pleasure as we reunite with loved ones. But they can also be spoilt by the fear that family disputes or bitterness will spill over.

A special day can be the first big occasion when parents meet up after a painful separation or divorce, perhaps with unresolved feelings. Hurts and grievances accumulated through the months or years can easily spill out and overshadow the celebrations unless there is prior outlet Ė somewhere to talk and listen so nothing has to be Ďacted outí on the day. If you worry that your grievances with your ex may interfere with your sonís or daughterís special day, or if youíre seeing it from a different angle and wish the animosity between your parents would subside enough to make you feel more relaxed on your special day, ring me to discuss how we may be able to find a way around it.